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Renault LODGY Mileage Challenge

Renault LODGY Mileage Challenge

1388 km – Delhi to Mumbai – in less than 1 tank of Diesel. Renault LODGY completes the LODGY Mileage Challenge organized by Auto Car India.

Testimonial videos

Renault Stories – Mr. Vikas Bindal

Watch Mr. Vikas Bindal from Delhi explain, what makes the #RenaultLODGY a perfect car from him and his family.

Renault Stories – Dr. Nayan Patel, Renault LODGY owner.

Dr. Nayan Patel, who was the first to buy the Renault LODGY in Gandhinagar, tells us about his experience with the Renault LODGY. Have similar Renault Stories? Share them with us & stand a chance to be featured in our next edition.

Renault Stories – Kulvinderpalsingh Setia, Renault LODGY owner.

Mr. Kulvinderpalsingh Setia from Sevaliya tells us how the Renault LODGY transformed his life. Have similar Renault Stories? Share them with us & stand a chance to be featured in our next edition.

Renault Stories – Mr. Narendrabhai Kotecha, Renault LODGY owner.

Mr. Narendrabhai Kotecha, shares his story of how the Renault LODGY, was gifted to him by his wife on their 27th wedding anniversary & also his favourite features which makes the Renault LODGY an ideal car.

Renault Stories – Mr. Mohammadarif Memon, Renault LODGY owner.

Mr. Mohammadarif Memon, a Renault LODGY owner from Vadodara shares his story of how he decided to purchase the Renault LODGY and the various features of the Renault LODGY which makes it the ideal vehicle for him!

Media feedback

Renault LODGY Media Drive – Space

They said “Spacewise the #‎RenaultLODGY has pushed the envelope” at the #‎LiveLodgycal #‎MediaDrive. Watch video to know more.

Renault LODGY Media Drive- ErgoDrive

Watch the who’s who of the Auto world share their ErgoDrive experience of Renault LODGY.

Renault LODGY Media Drive – Engine

Witness popular scribes and bloggers sing the praises of #RenaultLODGY’s powerful 110 PS engine at the LiveLodgycal MediaDrive.

Renault LODGY Media Drive – Fun Drive

They had lots of fun driving the LODGY! Here’s proof at the LiveLodgycal Media Drive. Happy Viewing!

Renault LODGY Media Drive – Overall Experience

Reputed automobile connoisseur – Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar India – shares his feedback about Renault LODGY during the LiveLodgycal Media Drive.

Digital Films

Renault LODGY Digital Film – ErgoDrive

Pack more fun everyday. Because More miles = more fun. #‎LiveLodgycal with the #‎New #‎Renault LODGY’s ergo drive for total driving comfort.

Renault LODGY Digital Film – Power

Powerful and wonderful. Because life can’t wait. #LiveLodgycal with the #New #Renault LODGY’s power-packed 110 PS engine.

Renault LODGY Digital Film – Space

They said “Spacewise the #‎RenaultLODGY has pushed the envelope” at the #‎LiveLodgycal #‎MediaDrive.

Introducing Renault LODGY

Take your world with you.


Renault LODGY – Take your world with you

A vehicle that lets you take your world with you! Introducing the Renault LODGY packed with features that make you Live Lodgycal!

Renault LODGY Stepway

The stylish new Renault LODGY comes with a jewel-studded front grille, sporty anthracite finish alloy wheels and a lot more. Wherever you choose to go, take style with you.